Just Breathe, is a data visualization project for pollution measurements in US.


This web application can be used to look at pollution data in counties all over the US ranging from the 1980 to 2018
To be able to use this application, open the application from within your browser by clicking on the link or download the source files and open using R Studio IDE.
To check out this application online click on this link or you can even download the source files on your own and run the app on your own system with this link.


The data that I utilized for the project was downloaded off of the United States Enviornmental Protection Agency website. To use in R Studio, you'll need to download the files one by one and find a way to extract the data using R. I used a command built right into the R programming language called RBind. By doing this I was able to aggregate all the data into one data frame or table.

Interesting Facts about this project

I was amazed by all the wonderful packages and libraries that I was able to use on this project. I used a library called dyplr that made organizing my data sets much more easier than using base R commands. The IDE was also amazing since you can see your visualizations before building the project!


During lecture professor Johnson told us about his time in Hawaii and how while it is very beautiful there are active volcanoes near by. Because of this there are often warning about the air pollution, after setting up some of my visualizations I was amazed to see how different the pollution data in Hawaii was compared to any other state.

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